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A Nation Within Italian Borders: San Marino

After leaving Umbria we went on to travel interstate...wait, what?

Yes, The Republic of San Marino is a totally independent nation!

According to tradition, San Marino was founded about A.D. 350 and had the good luck for centuries to stay out of the many wars and feuds on the Italian peninsula. It is the oldest republic in the world. San Marino has survived, completely intact, attacks by other self-governing Italian city-states, the Napoleonic Wars, the unification of Italy, and two world wars. Those born in San Marino remain citizens and can vote no matter where they live. It joined the United Nations in 1992.

It sits on the hilltops near the city of Ravenna and it really is a medieval town, with towers and castles and walls! Just unbelievable!

Everything here is duty free so we went crazy on shopping!

Spent the night there and in the morning we went to Ravenna to meet up with an old friend, Sarah, she used to live in Sydney few years ago, but moved to Italy where she found the love of her life! 

A quick walk through Rimini and Riccione's bustling streets and off we go to Faenza, a nice little town close by, where we have dinner with this beautiful couple at a lovely venue overlooking endless landscapes while the sun starts hiding away behind the hills, leaving us speechless contemplating the beauty of the sunset.

Tomorrow we'll head to Carpi, home of some of the best Lambruscos!

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