Easter Vibes

Easter Vibes

Hello Winelovers,

Alice from Italian Wine Connection here.

It seems yesterday that we were celebrating Christmas with family and friends and Easter is already two weeks away. Where does the time go?

Easter is quite a big deal for Italians, an opportunity to spend time with relatives while enjoying a delicious 20 course meal (just kidding, maybe not 20… but there are plenty of courses, believe me!).

I remember that when I was a kid, we used to have lunch with some relatives and dinner with some others on Easter Sunday, then we would have lunch with other relatives on Easter Monday… then we would “roll” for days haha

I also remember painting the shell of boiled eggs that we would put on the table for everyone to eat.

Everyone put so much effort into Easter meals and who was hosting the lunch would feel in some kind of competition with whoever was the dinner host. It was so funny seeing how everyone took it so seriously.

Today I would like to share with you a popular and very easy recipe from the Veneto region: Insalata Pasqualina (Easter Salad)!


1 x Lattuce

1 x Red onion

2 x Tomatoes

4 x Hard boiled eggs

1 x Bunch of steamed asparagus

Green Olives


EVO oil, salt and pepper


Once eggs and asparagus have cooled down, combine all the ingredients together. Add EVO oil, salt, pepper and parsley to your liking and… DONE! That’s it!

Why not complement Insalata Pasqualina with wines from the Veneto region?

Click on the wine glasses to find out our red and white wine recommended pairings :)

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