Getting Close!

Getting Close!

So the wait is almost over!
It has been quite hard to organise everything this time: sourcing our products from 15 different wineries and getting them to be ready all at the same time it's almost impossible, plus they were right in the middle of the vintage working even night shifts to pack all our wines. They've done a tremendous job!
All these wineries had to deliver their wines on the same day to the warehouse where our containers got loaded, sealed and then up on trucks to the port in Venice.
Unlike most of other importers we believe that the quality of the transport is equally important, I'd add fundamentally important as the quality of the wines being transported.

We only hire refrigerated containers that are set at a stable temperature around 14 °C, so we can, and you can too, be assured that our wines will not cook away under the unforgiving heat while crossing the seas (the inside of a standard dry container can reach in excess of +30°C to the outside temperature...think about a container crossing the equator on a vessel in the middle of the ocean...45 °C outside, 75 °C wonder why many low cost imported wines taste like shhhhhhhhhhhhh).
Moreover, by hiring full containers instead of using shared ones, we get to decide at what temperature they get set, and we make sure that all the due care is taken when handling the pallets. 

We expect the cargo to land in the first week of November, and since we are too excited and can't wait to tell you what goodies are coming in, we decided to release few of them on our  website, available for pre-ordering!

In total we'll have 70 wines, many of which are award winning wines internationally praised and acclaimed, from London to Brussels, from Germany to Japan, from Switzerland to the U.S.A. 

Aren't you excited? We certainly are!

After the success of our first trading year we decided that it was time for us to step up and expand our search outside the Veneto region, this will allow you to experience Italy more than ever.

Follow this link to check out the new wineries, who they are and which part of Italy they are from!

And if you want to take a sneak-peek to some of our new bottles click here.

Almost unexpectedly we've already had quite few orders coming in, as some of these bottles are stocked in small quantities due to the limited numbers available for export.

Needless to say, they are available in Australia only through Italian Wine Connection.


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