Introducing Leo Nardin 1923

Introducing Leo Nardin 1923

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I can't stress enough how much Gabriel and I care about bringing to your table only the best of the best... So, today I would like to tell you a little bit about "Leo Nardin" story and their beautiful wines.

This family of winemakers have been growing their own grapes for more than a century even though the official founding date of the company was 1923.

Back in those days there was no Google, Wikipedia or Facebook, access to school and universities was very limited to a small number of extremely wealthy families, therefore all the knowledge was pass down from father to son, gained by trial and error on the field.

I really wish you could hear these guys talking about their grapes and their wines, it was just mesmerizing feeling all the passion and dedication they put into their work simply through their words.

We’ve had the chance to speak with Marco Nardin, the youngest generation of this family and he walked us through the vineyards and processing facilities, very little work is left to the machines here...pretty much everything is done by hand, like in the old days.
It’s very important to say that Leo Nardin Winery does not purchase grapes or musts from other producers: all their wines are strictly produced with estate grown grapes.

This is a great chance for us to present you with three of their masterpieces at a very special price: a white, a red and a sparkling rosé!

The White: Incrocio Manzoni 6.0.13

This grape variety is the result of the long and thorough research of Professor Luigi Manzoni who became the headmaster of the oldest Italian oenological Institute in the early twentieth century. 
Also known under its numerical designation 6.0.13, it is a cross Pinot Blanc and Rhine Riesling, where a Rhine Riesling flower was hand pollinated with Pinot Blanc pollen. The seeds of fruit that grew out of that flower were planted and that was the first plant of Incrocio Manzoni 6.0.13

This white wine is produced in small batches. Presents a fine and delicate fragrance that reminds of green pear, green apple, citrus and floral notes. Dry, velvety and lasting flavour, well balanced between sweet and acid fragrances. The high acidity makes it easy to pair it with a wide range of foods: it surely is perfect with fish dishes in general, oysters, garlic prawns, tartare, prawns pizza, white meat. 

The Red: Galeone Cabernet Barrique

This top-notch red wine is obtained from the best Cabernet grapes grown in the Leo Nardin Estate. After fermentation, it ages for six months in original French barriques made of the finest Allier oak. It is then left to rest in wooden barrels for three years before being bottled. With a light grassy flavour and a balanced body, it is rich and mouth-filling, but still very dry in the mouth. The barrique ageing enhances the elegance and intensity of this brilliant ruby red wine. It adds scents of vanilla and spices to its bouquet, intermingled with a distinctive weedy nose and hints of liquorice and mixed berries. Best decanted for a while before drinking in order to allow the aromas and flavours to fully express their personality.

It pairs wonderfully with meat dishes such as lamb cutlets, roast meat, game, ribs in barbecue sauce, aged cheese, truffle risotto.

The Sparkling Rosé: Rosé Cuveé

Definitely something you’ve hardly had the chance to try!!! Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé. Exquisitely interesting Extra Dry sparkling wine. Delicate fruity fragrance with strawberry, raspberry and rose aromas, still preserving some characteristics typical of the Cabernet Sauvignon grape. It is very enjoyable as aperitif or between meals, Pairs well with a vast range of food, from finger food to cured meats as prosciutto, cicchetti and fish based antipasti.

We know sometimes it’s hard to try new wines, you always tend to wonder if you’ll like it or not, and this is why we have this incredible introductory price offer for you available on our homepage... but hurry, it won’t last long!

Do you have any questions about Leo Nardin's wines? Reach out to us here or use the comment section below for advice!



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