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Just Landed In Venice!

The sun is high and the warm wind of the Italian summer is blowing from the sea towards inland. Can you feel it? It is so nice... 

Cool Fact: did you know that in Italy every wind has a name depending on the direction to where is blowing?

The one that caresses our skin today is called “Libeccio”, a south-westerly wind that blows on the sea to the west of Italy.

It is a good feeling to be spending some time in Europe, besides being an awesome place to visit and let alone the fact that most of our family members live here, we were really looking forward to focus on chasing more bottled authenticity.

As you may know, Italian Wine Connection was born in January 2016 and started trading only in late November that same year. It took a long time to get it up and running, but it was worth the wait.

We are now delivering boutique wines to an ever-growing number of clients on a daily basis and we feel the need to improve our service by adding “few” (only a few,... sure!) wines to our collection, and yours!

So, Venice, uh? The floating city!

Finally, the roadworks around the airport have come to an end, last year it was pretty messy but this improvement to the infrastructure was much needed.

It does feel funny to drive on the “wrong” side of the road :D.  But looks like we are getting accustomed to it already!

We did not leave the airport before doing what we do every time we land in Venice, which is ordering an Aperol Spritz right away at the first bar! It’s some kind of ritual for us! It is so ingrained into our beings that we just cannot leave the airport without having our “welcome back” spritz!

Next time you happen to land in Venice why don’t you try it? You’ll get what I mean!

That said, it’s all fun and games until you reach the legal limit and get charged for drink-driving, and since we had a couple of reds on the plane we had to stick to one spritz only, that was enough as we have to pick up a vehicle from the car rental agency and drive quite a few kilometres.

Many years ago Italy used to be not as strict about drink driving and limits, but in recent times the government introduced very harsh sanctions and consequences, pretty much like Australia, if not harsher.

Tonight we are going out for dinner, but we’ll leave the car at home: who cares about the jet-leg, we just want to have a good time tonight!!!!

Although we can’t push it too far as tomorrow morning at 10:00am we have the first appointment and wine tastings at a very, very small winery in the province of Treviso. A winery that just doesn’t want to follow the trends, where time has stopped and everything is done by hand, from the harvest to the bottling.

We promise you’ll be surprised by the authenticity of this place!

After that we’ll have coffee at aunt Rita’s, which lives close by!

Stay tuned!!!


Alice & Gabriel

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