Italian Wine Connection Restaurant in Siena la Toraia

Hidden Gems in Tuscany

Check out is at 11:00 am, so we sneak inside the spa once again for a dip into the massive tub at Hilton Florence. It.s Sunday and a lot of people are flocking in so we quickly pack our bags and leave Florence to make our way to Civitavecchia.

Thing is, the ferry won't leave until 11:00 pm so we decide to stop for a bite in a place suggested to us by Alice's oldest brother Erik. It's a bull farm in the middle of the countryside of Siena.

This farm is known to be one of the most authentic places in the area; few kilometers off the toll road there is this building that conceals a re-converted stud, in fact we ate inside the old stud, on glass tables on top of the trough! How cool is that? (see photo)

After having some of the most amazing meat I've ever eaten and after buying some more souvenirs we leave Siena and head south to Civitavecchia.

My fast driving skills make us reach the port way too early, but at the end it was worth the wait as we managed to park the car at the "floor level" of the ferry which means that we'll be among the firsts to disembark.

By crossing the Thyrrenian Sea at night we'll reached Sardinia at dawn...hopefully there'll be a nice and clear sky so I can sit on the deck and enjoy the show that Mother Nature is preparing for us!

I start losing the signal now...

To be continued!

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