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Going North

"Get up, get up, we are laaate!!!!"

Alice's voice echoes in the whole hotel as we realise that we actually haven't even heard the alarm... oooops!

On our way to Carpi, the land of Lambrusco.

Lambrusco is a wine that is super easy to drink, and therefore it has become the first step into red wines for those who don't particularly appreciate this wonder.

Massive cultivation on mainly flat lands made this grape very attractive for consortiums and cooperatives to join forces and produce unbelievably large amounts of this wine, making it very commercial and not renowned for very quality standards, due to this increase of productive quantities.

The sad thing is that you will find bottles of lambrusco from Italy in Australian bottleshops for as little as $6, now seriously, we are talking about imported wines costing less than local wines? I personally don't believe there's even a trace of grape into that liquid, but that's my opinion; some people might enjoy the taste of that thing.

Luckily for all wine lovers there are some Lambruscos made with very high standards, and we went to visit one of the last producers that makes it the way it should be! Third generation of lambrusco grape growers and winemakers, this guys are bringing back this wine on boutique restaurant's shelves and wine lists worldwide. A truly remarkable wine I must say, and I admit I've never been a Lambrusco lover, these guys have changed my mind!

A quick lunch with this lovely company and we were already off to Verona, in the area of Soave!

Soave is a wonderful town in the Veneto region, home of worldwide famous wines like Soave, Valpolicella, Ripasso and of course Amarone!

I could write hundreds and hundreds of words about this, but I don't want to be boring so I will keep it very short.

We visited another family-run winery, managed by two sisters and one brother, that is rapidly becoming a landmark in this area. We had a wonderful wine tasting and I honestly couldn't fault any of their wines, I love them all, from the first to the last. I can't wait to get you to try them now!!!

Now we've just got back to Treviso, we'll spend the last few days with our families and then back to Australia!

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