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Last Spritz

I haven't been writing these last few days because we were trying to spend as much time as we could with our families, for them it's hard to understand that we are in Italy but not on holiday, that we made the choice to follow our hearts and travel through Italy's most amazing regions to find authentic and outstanding wines to bring back to Asutralia with us.

In these last few days we actually did visit a couple more wineries but for this time we think we already know what we are going to bring back to Australia, next trip we'll be back to see them again and hopefully expand our range a little more.

Now we are past the airport customs, we said goodbye to all our relatives and friends, t's a mixed feeling... of happiness and sadness, gratitude and regret for not having more time on our hands.

We truly feel blessed, we live in a wonderful country and we can travel back and forth to Italy as we are both Australian and Italian, isn't that cool?

Even cooler is the fact that we have the chance to visit places that otherwise we wouldn't have the chance to see while providing a service to our customers back home in Australia!

Finishing the last panino with Prosciutto San Daniele and our last spritz in Italy of this journey, we keep on thinking of all the things we have to do once we get back!!!

I think they are calling our flight, I better pack this up and go!!!!

Will be back soon writing from Downunder!!!


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