Italian Wine Connection winery in Asti, Piedmont region

Boldest Reds & Sweetest Whites

It's funny how you get accustomed to different things so easily...In Italy nobody respects the speed limits and here I am, a good Aussie driver driving a European car like I'd stolen it!

Chewing kilometers away we reach the province of Asti.

Up on a hill, hiding away, there is this fabulous family run winery.

It overlooks a beautiful landscape where different crops have been planted: grains, olive trees and grapevines. This should be giving you quite a hint of how good this soil is.

Mirella, Peppe and their son Alessandro live and work here, while the other son Stefano lives in Sydney and work as Manager of one of the most renowned venues of the CBD.

After a thorough visit to the vineyards and the processing facilities of this winery we started our tastings. What to say? We could not fault any of their wines. Unbelievably balanced, from Barbera to Moscato d'Asti!

We already know which ones we are going to get, so keep following us to know!!!

We spent the night there and then, after a quick breakfast and some souvenirs and treats we made our way to Florence.... 

Needless to say, it is simply breathtaking. At every corner there is history, the floors, the walls, the ceilings...everything keeps whispering into our ears tales of ancient times.

You breath that history in, it fills your lungs and makes you travel in time. (Romanticism aside, it truly is a magical place to visit).

After a long aperitif called "Apericena", half way between an aperitivo and a dinner, we went to relax our sore feet into the hotel spa, much needed relief after walking up and down and across this marvellous gem in Tuscany.

We better get some sleep now, as tomorrow we'll travel south towards Civitavecchia Port to load the car on the ferry and make our way to Sardegna! How exciting! 

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