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An Ancient Land: Sardegna

-At first I must admit, I thought I was back in Australia. The similarities between this two different islands are quite obvious and astonishing at the same time! Crystal clear waters gently caress the white sandy beaches, beautifully framed by natural rock walls shaped by centuries of relentless work of the sea-

As soon as we make it to the land we get off the ferry as quickly as possible before the madness starts! Italian drivers yelling at each other, gestures, a melting pot of swearwords in different dialects! Hilarious for a couple of minutes, but after that I say it's enough hahaha!

Luckily for us it's just a short drive from the port before we reach our accommodation for the 4 days.

Not even the time to drop the bags we hit the beach, and here we are, getting cooked in the oven! The sea is calm and the water has a really nice temperature. I must say that I quite enjoy swimming without thinking that something in the water could either bite me, sting me, eat me or kill me anyway! Hahahaha

In 4 days we drove quite a few kilometers around the island, north to south, east to west, and I swear it is wonderful and in many many ways it reminds me of Australia!

We've had a lot of wine tastings in different wineries and different venues.

Interestingly enough, Sardinia is one of the first lands that rose from the seas, and the soil is pretty much full decomposed granite, which is unbelievably good for growing grapes. You can truly taste the minerality and perceive how much the terrain influences these wines in a great and uncomparable way!  

Yes, it's been a fantastic adventure and sadly tomorrow it's time to leave!

We'll head east via sea and then towards Umbria by car!!!

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