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Six Wineries In Two Days

Interesting ad exhausting at the same time. It is actually quite hard to taste that many wines in such a short period of time!!!

We started off at 8:30 visiting the first winery, and found out that this very interesting family that has been making wines for 4 generations, they truly know all the ins-and-outs of this nectar! Interestingly enough, part of this family moved to Tasmania during the time between the two world wars and their offspring still reside there, happily and successfully they get along with their lives in different industries. There we tasted Pinot Grigio, Incrocio Manzoni, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and a lovey Raboso Frizzante which is a red sparkling wine that is becoming very popular in Italy.

After this first tasting we went for lunch at Casa D'Arsié, a family run restaurant owned by our friends Roberto and Patty, and their kids Serena and Mosé. It was lovely to catch up!

On the road again we made our way to Giorgio Checchetto's Winery, where we reconfirmed Carmenere and Incrocio Manzoni for this year, along with some novelties, we can't wait to get you to try them!!!

Before dinner we met with Francesco of Tolardo Severino Wines, we tasted some Rosé which we are getting this year and then with him and Nadia, his partner, we sat a local restaurant for an awesome dinner. Soon we'll need a diet, a very strict one hahaha!

This morning Alice felt a bit sick, so we took it slow and in the afternoon we climbed the Valdobbiadene hills to meet again with the owners an representatives of both Fasol Menin and Foss Marai, two of the most important producers of that area.

Up here the landscapes are just breathtaking, and looking at those hills we  could almost imagine that a green blanket was being laid over the rocks to form those gentle slopes, so soft, so perfect. The work of the locals have valorised the terroir and this blending of workmanship and nature together has enhanced the superb quality of this D.O.C.G. area, making it a world wide landmark and a quality benchmark as well.

We are going to introduce new products from these two wineries so stay tuned!

Before heading home we stopped to taste some wine at a very small but undoubtedly high-end winery.

Needless to say we went out for dinner. Again. Luckily for us we are avoiding weighing ourselves!!! Keep that scale away, please!!!! Hahaha!

Now we better catch up with some sleep, as tomorrow we'll start our awesome trip around the Italian Peninsula!!!

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