Italian Wine Connection Basilica in Umbria

The Most Idyllic Region: Umbria

Off the ferry we stayed in Civitavecchia to rest up and, fresh in the morning, we were on the road again: Umbria here we come!

Umbria is a very small and idyllic region on the hills in Central Italy, unfortunately it is known for the very high seismic activity, but luckily it is far more renowned for many other things like Prosciutto di Norcia, Grecchetto, Sangiovese, Sagrantino, Perugina (chocolate factory) and the Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi, along with the other churches in Assisi.

We started off by eating cured meats in a lovely venue in Assisi, yes, that's what we do, we travel to eat and drink! Hahaha, well, we kind of do that. ;)

We squeezed in last minute in a guided tour at the chocolate factory and it was very interesting, unfortunately we weren't allowed to take any photos inside.

We spent a lovely two days between art, architecture, history, medieval re-enactments, great food and wines.

We chose to make base at a newly built bed & breakfast at the foothills of the basilica.

From there we had easy access and short drives to a handful of wineries that we wanted to visit and we found what we were looking for: a small family run winery that makes remarkable wines!!!

We spent the whole day, today, to finalise the quantity we are going to bring to Australia: you'll be glad we did!!!

Tommorow we'll travel interstate! Republic of San Marino!!!

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