Italian Wine Connection winery in the Veneto region

The Smallest Winery Yet

Yesterday we woke up around 7 am, which is pretty awesome considering that we are no longer 20 years old and we managed to overcome the jet lag in 1 day. Unreal!
A quick breakfast: San Daniele Prosciutto and shaved Turkey Breast. Well that's not a typically Italian breakfast like "capuccino and cornetto" would be, but who cares?
At 9.00 am we were at the post office to buy a new sim card for our back up phone to avoid internet roaming all the time, and we were blown away by the amount of paperwork we had to fill in to be able to purchase that. Unbelievable! Heaps of documents, ID, signatures, almost like opening a bank account. Crazy!
After that we went to visit our first winery of this trip, a little gem hidden in the countryside of Treviso.
Run by one person only, this place gives you the feeling that time has stopped.
This gentleman is very fussy about harvest timing and methods: for instance everything is done by hand here and according to the moon cycles. In fact these wines would be classified as "biodynamic". Also, no machine work whatsoever.
We sat, we tasted 4 wines and we decided to give it a go: the genuinity of the products is unbelievable, we just loved them.
It will be hard to decide which ones we'll bring back with us to Australia, the options are: Cabernet Franc, Pinot Bianco, Merlot and Verduzzo.

After that we were supposed to go to aunt Rita's for a coffee, she asked us to stay for lunch...
...of course we said yes! Seafood antipasto, Canestrelli and Scampi. We ate way too much, we couldn't help it! Just too good to leave on the plate! 😀
After gaining 3 sizes in one lunch, we left the house almost rolling away and then went out for dinner with other family members. Of course, that's all we do when we visit Italy!!!
Beef Carpaccio, raw meat Tartare, Burrata and Tagliata di Manzo, all beautifully complemented by Prosecco di Valdobbiadene to start with, and an AWESOME Barbera from Asti to pair with the mains.
After dinner we drank some oaked Grappa and then we were ready for bed!
Despite having such a busy Saturday, this morning we felt very productive. In fact, after a bit of shopping, we went to Alice's dad for a mega-lunch. We tried few more wines including a great Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso.
God, we feel like we are just about to explode!
Tonight we were hoping for a light dinner but there isn't such thing here in Italy. Tomorrow we have 5 wineries to visit!
Stay tuned!!!

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