Two of our favourites are back! Let's talk about residual sugar...

Two of our favourites are back! Let's talk about residual sugar...

Dear Winelovers,

Alice from Italian Wine Connection here.

It's Friyay! Are you all ready for a sparkling weekend?

We certainly are! Two of our customers' favourites have travelled all the way to Australia and are finally back on our shelves 🥂🥂🥂

For those who aren't very familiar with Borgo Molino Prosecco and Tolardo Prosecco (weeeeird! 😮), here is a little description:

  • BORGO MOLINO Prosecco is produced on the Valdobbiadene Hills, fruity and elegant, with fine bubbles to caress the palate
  • TOLARDO Prosecco is produced in Treviso, fresh and lively, with flavours of ripe stone fruits and hints of orange and melon

Here are the direct links to their pages: Borgo Molino and Tolardo.

They are both "Extra Dry"...

Speaking of which, let's talk (very briefly) about residual sugar in sparkling wine: 


  • Brut Nature = 0-3 g/l RS
  • Extra Brut = 0-6 g/l RS
  • Brut = 0-12 g/l RS 
  • Extra Dry = 12-17 g/l RS 
  • Dry = 17-32 g/l RS
  • Demi-Sec = 32-50 g/l RS
  • Doux = 50+ g/l RS 



  • Brut Nature = The driest sparkling wine, no added sugar, no dosage
  • Doux = The sweetest sparkling wine

On a scale between "Brut Nature" and "Doux", Borgo Molino and Tolardo Prosecco are sort of in the middle... which doesn't mean that they are sweet wines, in fact they are just slightly less dry than brut and extra brut proseccos.

We know, it's confusing 🙈🙈🙈 but we hope it makes much more sense now!


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That's all for today... enjoy your weekend winelovers 🥂


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