The wait is over! :)

The wait is over! :)

It is official! OUR NEW WINES ARE HERE!

Who's excited? Well, we are over the moon!

We have been quite busy in the last few week: receiving new incoming stock, doing all the counting, moving things around, stacking nicely and safely all of the new wines in our temperature-controlled cellar! It is a lot of work!

Rewarding at the same time though, we haven't even started advertising the new entries and we have been flooded with orders and pre-orders, Gabriel was counting the stock and I was picking bottles to send out right away to you, dear Winelovers!

We are glad to see the interest and the response we've had so far from the Australian wine community, and for that we thank you!

In 2018 we will be running promotions, a subscription based program, we will be participating to Food&Wine Expos throughout Australia and partnering with some major events too!  

We are getting very busy, and gladly the latest market trends are showing that Winelovers worldwide, Australian in particular, are finally choosing the quality over the quantity!
Drink less but drink better! Drink less but enjoy it more, put it as you like, it truly is a great recommendation! And we are here to help!

All of our boutique wines are born in the vineyards, from the sun and the soil, then the grapes are hand picked at the right time and processed according to the true Italian wine-making tradition, with the aid of safe and modern equipment.
The finest family-run wineries presented to you here.

We hope you enjoy being part of this while discovering some of the best wines Italy has to offer!





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