Italian Wine Connection + Spritz & Co

Italian Wine Connection was born in 2016 almost for a bet, but in reality it was straight out of a necessity: to get the best highly selected Premium, Rare and Boutique Italian wines, those that were unavailable in Australia until that moment.

Unlike many importers of Italian wines we lived in Italy for two decades, we grew in one of the most prolific and picturesque wine regions in the whole world. Through the years, Wine itself transitioned from being a beverage into being an important part of our lives.

Every year we embark on a pilgrimage throughout the Italian Peninsula to get the wines straight from the producers. We want to share with you this amazing experience and our love for boutique wines by bringing a taste of Italy to your table.

When selecting our wines we choose the ones that best embody the true core of the tradition and culture of wine making, developed in hundreds, if not thousands of years.

As you know, grapes are very susceptible to a lot of factors like sun, heat, weather, rain etc; not every year is the same, therefore when it comes to selecting vintages we only import the best, if it does not meet our standards we won’t buy it. Be assured of that, 100% guaranteed.

There are not cheap Italian wines on our list, if you are looking for $10 mass-produced Prosecco or Chianti there's plenty of other retailers that saturate the market of inexpensive "drinks".

What we provide to you is not only bottled wine, but a whole and true Italian experience. 

What you’ll find here is uncompromised excellence as we are constantly working on improving our services and building a reputation on being Ambassadors of Unrivalled Quality.

Finally, in 2019 we designed and built our own bar on wheels (literally) and that's when Spritz & Co was born. We have been catering at festivals and private functions ever since.