Borgo Molino Vigne & Vini

It was 1922 when Sergio Nardin and his family decided to dedicate their lives to work the land. Their secret was the ability to understand nature, look after plants and nourish their fruits.

Sergio Nardin founder of Borgo Molino Vinery, Veneto, Italy

Back then there were no machines, no Google or Wikipedia, certainly no easy way; there was nothing but a lot of hard work and hard-earned knowledge passed down from generation to generation.

Almost 100 years later, thanks to their experience and the unparalleled harmony between the land and climate conditions, they are still producing outstanding boutique red and white wines, along with elegant and fine sparkling wines that complete the picture and express their original vision.

As Sergio Nardin has always said: “you need to listen to Mother Nature, listen to the land, you must understand it, work with it, become part of it.”

This philosophy is the core of the worldwide praise that Borgo Molino Winery is achieving.

Pietro and Paolo Nardin

Brothers Pietro and Paolo Nardin are now the directors of the company, and they are about to take it to the next level.