Corazza in Italian means "armour" is very descriptive of the people who bear this name...

Achille Corazza is the founder of this small winery nestled in the easternmost countryside of the province of Treviso, almost at the border between the regions of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia.

This gentleman left Italy soon after the Second World War and at a very young age migrated to Canada to find his fortune. Although he was glad to have found a good job and a good lifestyle in Toronto, after few years he became nostalgic and, moved by the deep love for his native Country, decided it was time to head back to Italy and follow his childhood dream of becoming a winemaker.

As he used to put it:" Sometimes you need to go back in order to move forward". Very wise words...

In 1970 he began the meticulous selection of lands available in his native area and, in order to buy some more time to practice his winemaking techniques, he started off by cultivating grapevines and then selling the grapes to local winemakers, while keeping some for himself to keep practicing, perfectioning, improving.

Realising how good the land was, fertile and rich in minerals, he noticed how the grapes were naturally thriving without any aid from the man, so he decided that such fruit should not have been sold to others; he found the perfect grapes and he was ready to start producing his own wine.

Today his son Walter continues on his father's work, by using old techniques that are synonym of quality and genuinity. To some it might sound silly now days, but he does not use harvesting machines, everything must be done by hand according to the tradition, for him it is a matter of respect towards the plant and its fruits, to avoid damaging the grapes. Also, every process from pruning to harvesting, from pressing to bottling, is done according to the moon cycles, like in the old days. It is a costly process, but well worth the effort.

Once you pour these wines in your glass you will realise that in the glass there's not only wine: just sit comfortably, relax, take a sip and close your eyes... you'll be able to smell the scents of the countryside, you'll hear the rain drops tapping on the leaves, then you'll feel the sun warming the plants, and you'll see the callous and tired hands of the farmer restlessly working on his vineyard...
....See this photo up here, are you there yet?