Fasol Menin is the brainchild of two very successful business and IT consultants, Silvana and Massimo De Nardo. The couple grew up in the Valdobbiadene hills and after graduation they spent many years abroad. Feeling the need to connect again with their land, they finally decided to go back and pick up the old family tradition.

Silvana and Massimo De Nardo, founders of Fasol Menin

During their time overseas they travelled extensively, while having the chance to experience first-hand vine growing in different areas of the world.

All they’ve learnt was brought home, revised and mixed with the tradition and knowledge passed down from their ancestors.

In fact, their philosophy owes much to the open models found in wineries in California and Australia, blended with their own unique perspective: a strong interest in local art and culture.

Their winery is designed to host large functions, it is characterized by large open spaces and marvellously crafted timberwork and brickwork. They periodically host cultural evenings, meetups, concerts and events in general.

Fasol Menin Winery

Interestingly enough the area where Fasol Menin is located has recently received a nomination to become UNESCO world heritage site and, if successful, it would be the first wine-growing area in Italy to receive UNESCO recognition. That would be simply amazing.

View of Fasol Menin vineyard in the Valdobbiadene hills