Foss Marai

Foss Marai was founded in Valdobbiadene in1986 by Carlo and Adriana Biasotto.

Carlo Biasotto and his wife, founders of Foss Marai

The winery sits in Valdobbiadene, an idyllic spot nestled among the northern hills of Treviso where the cultivation of vines is as hard as it is rewarding. There is no such thing as machine work there, everything must be done by hand and that is exactly why Foss Marai has become a benchmark for undisputed quality. This family-run company has mastered the art of vine growing thanks to an almost obsessive attention to detail, in harmony with the environment and the peculiar morphologic and geographic features.

View of Foss Marai vineyeard

Today Foss Marai play a prestigious role as a leading company and ambassador of Italian sparkling wine recognised all over the world. Carlo and Adriana, along with their sons Andrea and Umberto and their daughter Cristiana, are among the most esteemed people in the wine making industry, both nationally and internationally.