Leo Nardin is a fully family-run winery: the winemaking process involves all and only family members and is carried out with minute care and fatherly affection.

The decision to remain a family business was to preserve the strong connection to the land and local rural traditions. This is why at Leo Nardin the wine is made only from grapes that come from their own vineyards.

The picking is strictly carried out by hand, not to bruise a single grape to avoid early fermentation, because it is essential to that the grapes remain perfectly intact through the harvest, to be crushed right away, within 3 hours and then processed at stable temperatures to preserve their typical flavours and aromas. Such non-invasive methods allow Leo Nardin to make wines that present a nicely soft flavour on the palate. These wines are rich yet very pleasant to drink, perfectly combining the best of Veneto’s traditions with the most innovative winemaking techniques.