"Wine is the resulting work of art of Sun, Water, Soil and mankind, interacting, relentlessly working together...
...I really did look into this, I protected the grapes, I nurtured them, I smelled their scent and tasted the flavours to select the best of the best... 
...I tried to imagine their essence, I tried to imagine the wine they will produce...
...Once bottled, I patiently waited for this wine to rest, and when it was ready to rise I was by its side...the awakening was slow and calm, yet mature...
...Looking at its velvety body I stood back in amusement, by persuasively showing itself it mesmerized me..
Its honour will never fall, and it will be passed on to the future generations."

Piero Canopoli & Giuliana Dalla Longa

This is what happens when one of the most experienced Italian winemakers and one of the most renowned and respected sommeliers in Europe get together.

Giuliana Dalla Longa is one of the most respected Sommeliers in Europe

Piero and Giuliana dedicated their lives to the wine experience. They spent  the last 20 years selecting the lands in and around the Gallura region in Sardinia. In collaboration with Universities across Italy and Europe they tested countless samples of soils until they found the mineral composition they were looking for.

It does sound crazy, it might even be crazy, but you can be assured that you will taste all their experience, knowledge and efforts in every single glass you'll pour.

We visited their vineyards in July 2017 and the soil is almost completely decomposed granite. This grapevines are carefully and selectively planted taking into account every factor of the surrounding environment; they slowly dig their roots into one of the most ancient lands, one of the first to emerge from the sea millions of years ago. The composition and minerality of this soil is incomparable to any other soil in the whole word, so are these wines. They certainly are a true expression of the terroir. Try for yourself, you'll be amazed!

A brand new Murales vineyard in Gallura. Production here will start in 3-4 years.

Wine and Hospitality: a family business

Piero and Giuliana also run a wonderful and brand new "Locanda" in Olbia, Sardinia, with the aid of their daughters and their families. Best known as a BnB facility type of accommodation with an awesome restaurant where you can eat top notch local delicacies and calmly sip and understand their wines that so perfectly complement and enhance the local food and the international cuisine. Of course they have super comfy rooms if you'd like to stay over. Perfect for a short vacation, even better for a full holiday if you happen to visit Italy for a longer period. Contact us to book a private tour or a room for your next vacation in this amazing location!

Piero Canopoli and Giuliana Dalla Longa