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Dear Winelovers,

Thank you for visiting our website!

We hope you will enjoy this wine experience as much as we enjoy providing it as it is very important for us to make sure you know who we are and why we do what we do. 


Our names are Alice and Gabriel, we were born and raised right in the middle of the land of Prosecco in Treviso, approximately 35km North of Venice, Italy. It is an idyllic place where the cultivation of grapes goes back hundreds of years.

Map of Italy showing Treviso location

Like any other child in the area we grew up with a strong culture and deep respect in regard to Wine and the role it plays in our everyday lives, along with its social and cultural aspects.

We are Italo-Australian, we feel at home in Australia as much as we feel at home in Italy and we consider ourselves to be very lucky having this opportunity. That said, after moving permanently to the land Down Under we noticed how Italian wines were generally regarded as "cheap", not only in price but also in quality. We started chasing Italian wines in every shop, we tried almost every brand but we could hardly find a spark from home.

The sad truth is that most imported wines available in shops are mass-produced low quality wines, that is especially true when their price tag is very inviting; they truly lack the characteristics that should make them special and worthy of being known and appreciated around the globe. We really were missing the typical wines we grew up with, along with all the many other varieties that characterize every region so distinctively. 

Then Alice suggested: "We should start importing the wines that we used to love and drink when we were living in Italia!".


We packed our bags, travelled back to Italy and went on visiting all the family-owned wineries that we have known since we were children, the ones that our families used to buy wine from.

The superior quality of these hand crafted wines is also characterised and greatly enhanced by unique soil composition and climate conditions.

The products we offer are bottled poetry, crafted with love and passion and we truly believe that you will taste that in every glass.

At Italian Wine Connection we do things differently and we believe that quality is absolutely paramount.

As you can see, we provide a limited range of wines. Why do we do this? Because we want to bring to your home only the highest quality products, crafted by family-run wineries.


Italian Wine Connection is the result of a necessity and a wonderful way to promote cultural exchange. It is also our chance to showcase the perfect balance between tradition and innovation achieved by these daring winemakers, and you will taste it in each and every product we offer.

Ultimately it is also a way to bring a taste of Italy to Australians and all the people residing in this wonderful country that may or may not have been to Italy (yet) and wish to live that magical experience through the great premium-quality wines available on this website.

We have carefully tasted and selected each wine to ensure that you will enjoy this amazing journey.


Italian wines aren't just Sangiovese and Chianti, there is much more to discover!

In Italy, there are 355 different varieties of native grapes. A world record, which is even more mind-blowing if you think that Italy is such a small country!

Along with Prosecco and some other classics, here we showcase a range of wines that are popular in Italy: some are daring blends, others are re-discovered varieties, some others are crossings created in the early 1900’s. We pride ourselves in being the first to introduce some of these wines to Australian wine enthusiasts. 

We lived in Italy for more than twenty years and we were raised in towns that are literally surrounded by wineries. Believe us when we say that we know our wines!

We are really passionate about the whole wine experience and would like to share it with you.

Our policy is to buy straight from the producers, no middle men involved; all the wines we offer are originally produced for the Italian local market, and can be found in some of the finest restaurants and wine bars throughout Italy, therefore be assured that these wines are of the highest quality available world-wide. Sorry, no low-cost "export range" here.

Cheers, Salute!

Gabriel & Alice
Italian Wine Connection
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