Birrificio del Doge

It was early 2008 when the Giuman brothers Alessandro and Federico,  along with experienced brewer Federico Casarin, decided to leave their full time day jobs to jump and take a deep dive into the craft beer world.

The very first batch was produced with a homemade plant, and marked the beginning of a dream journey which finally came to fruition with the construction of the new Doge Craft Brewery in 2013. 

Left to right: Alessandro Giuman, Federico Giuman, and Head Brewer Federico Casarin

Doge beers are born from meticulously selected earthy ingredients and local spring water. In these beers you'll find all the passion of the Venetian culture which goes hand in hand with the pursue of a high-quality product.

Birrificio del Doge is going to take you to a brand new stage of beer history, a journey that set sails in Venice, lands in Australia and takes you back to Venetian shores.

The "Zero" river flows harmoniously through the town center of Zero Branco. 

Zero Branco is a small village nestled deep in the countryside between the historical cities of Treviso and Venezia, right in the middle of an extended and fertile level ground area called Pianura Padana.

It is characterized by evocative rural sceneries, shaped by many rivers and smaller natural water streams. Zero is also the name of the river which naturally springs in the surroundings of this town and flows harmoniously towards the coastline, drawing the shape of this little municipality.

Mother Nature, in these territories, gives us a crispy and naturally mineral spring water with such great qualitative characteristics to be used in purity by Doge brewery.