"We have cultivated our vineyards since 1922, in the northwestern lands of Carpi, Emilia Romagna, at the heart of Italy. All our grapes are hand-picked and undergo vinification in wooden barrels. Our passion for winemaking has been passed down from father to son. In order to protect the environment we take care of our heritage. New manufacturing techniques now preserve our knowledge and traditions. We patiently await every year for the fruits of our land to produce a wine that embodies our family's history and tradition." 

Famiglia Bassoli

The Managing Director Riccardo Bassoli and his team led by Dante Verrini are fighting a very hard battle in order to save the name of Lambrusco. As we all know, in the past years this variety in all its three facets (Sorbara, Salamino, and Grasparossa) has been subject of massive cultivation and speculation by a very large number of land owners that have joined forces under the form of cooperatives and started producing unimaginable amounts of low cost wines; due to the size of their harvests these cooperative focused (and many still do) primarily in cutting costs and flooding the market with low-cost wines. In some shops all over the world you can buy a bottle of Lambrusco for as little as $6 Australian dollars. We are talking about imported wine. Is that even wine? I wouldn't know, I can answer this question.
All I know is that Cantina Bassoli with few other brave wineries are doing a massive job in order to bring back the name of Lambrusco from the inglorious name it was given to the glorious name it deserves. They are striving to produce organic high quality wines and they are finally receiving a well deserved ultra positive feedback.

Lambrusco is a beautiful grape that can give truly amazing wines with an unmistakable personality, genuine, fresh and easy to drink, and this is confirmed by the prizes recently won by this Winery.

-Canalvecchio: Thanks to its refined pink colour and its floral flavours, it received the top award at the International Contest ”Gilbert & Gaillard” winning the Gold Medal. Following meticulous tasting , in fact, the Canalvecchio was described by the experts as ”An excellent wine , which we appreciated the uniqueness and personality."

-Canalvecchio was also awarded a Bronze Medal with a score of 86/100 by Decanter World Wine Awards 2017 (Get it here)

-Re Riccardo Platinum was recently awarded a Silver medal, scoring an impressive 90/100 by Decanter World Wine Awards 2017. (Get it here)

...These guys are definitely on the right track.