Cesarini Sforza

Cesarini Sforza has emerged as the most successful example of a company that symbolizes its region, Trentino, producing top of the range TrentoDOC wines. Origin, tradition, history and innovation are important elements of their sparkling wines, from the prestigious “Aquila Reale” and the sophisticated “Metodo Classico” wines which have been continuing favourites for more than forty years.

All of these sparkling wines faithfully reflect the region and its wine making tradition (which is at times heroic – like in the Cembra Valley) “decanted” into a production philosophy that originated many years ago, in 1974, when Count Lamberto Cesarini Sforza, along with Giuseppe Andreaus and other bold pioneers of the virtues of the Classic Method, founded the company Cesarini Sforza in Trento.

Since then, Cesarini Sforza has always promoted wine making that is based on precision and quality, enhancing the value of Chardonnay and Pinot Nero grapes. Over time, the company has been at the heart of projects that have left an important mark on the development and growth of the “Trentino” Classic Method.

By sheer stubborn will – a trait for which mountain people are known – the area’s virtuous and daring rediscovered local identity has given to Italy vineyards and wine growers with an established reputation for excellence in “Classic Method” production, to which Cesarini Sforza has contributed since its first vintage sparkling wine in 1976.

The knowledge subsequently acquired by undertaking the first large-scale national “wine zoning project”, commissioned by Cooperativa La Vis, which Cesarini Sforza joined in 2000, and the fertile collaboration that was initiated with researchers from the Mach Foundation in S. Michele all’Adige represented yet another leap forward. This led the company to launch the ambitious “Tridentvm” project, an extraordinary line of sparkling wines that proudly bears the recently created “TrentoDOC” denomination.

Having access to the range of grapes grown by the many members of La Vis has given the technicians at Cesarini Sforza another unique advantage. It enables them to combine the elegant grapes grown in the Upper Cembra Valley with the complex structure of Meano and Cortesano grapes, the well-balanced grapes from Sorni and the Pressano Hills with those from the characteristic vineyards located above the city of Trento and on the Besagno Hills – in short, the different soils, microclimates and training systems lend a distinct personality to the great vintage sparkling wines of Cesarini Sforza in the creation of its tirage “cuvées”.

Today, the company is led with renewed passion by management that is able to express the characteristics and richness of Trentino’s lands, aptly apply innovation and oenological science and meet the challenges presented by the new times. Cesarini Sforza is therefore facing the upcoming years strengthened by the values that it has conveyed for half a century – the classic prestige of the region, the simple elegance of its sparkling wines and good work practices both in the vineyards and the winery.