Corte Adami

The Adami Family have been in the vine growing business for generations, at first on a commercial level, they were in fact trusted grape suppliers of some of the most important wine producers of the Soave and Valpolicella regions.

What’s interesting is that throughout the years they avoided wasting their time dealing with marketing campaigns and other aspects of the wine business, instead they took the chance to entirely focus on the production of grapes, relentlessly learning, improving and refining their methods and techniques, every season, every single harvest. Their dedication to this meticulous work changed the course of their lives.

Unlike their competitors they weren’t interested in having the largest production, but instead they aimed to get an award-winning production in their territory.

Unmatchable grapes; they have most definitely achieved that!

When they reached perfection  they decided it was time to start making their own wines.

In that precise moment two generation came together: the old school grape-producers and the young wine makers! Old secrets and new techniques, great results! 

The Famiglia Adami

Corte Adami's Masterpiece: Amarone della Valpolicella

Since then, Corte Adami have rapidly made a name for themselves in the Boutique Wine World becoming an Award-Winning Winery! (link to their awards page here)

Here below some aerial views of the Corte Adami vineyards.