The SAIO Winery is located in Umbria, just down the road from the basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi. A land full of history and tradition, characterized by strong spirituality related to nature and ascetic meditation. A place still surrounded by an atmosphere suspended between legend, religion and poetry.
Here the Mencarelli family produces wines and extra-virgin olive oil.

“Wine? It’s a family affair!”  The Mencarelli Family.

 ALFIO MENCARELLI, the founder

"Looking at Assisi from the bright green landscapes of the vineyards and listen to the rhythm of nature to create fine wines: this really is a dream come true through years of passionate work." 

Dynamic and determined, he is the pioneer of SAIO Assisi project. His experience in viticulture allows him to create quality wines that tell the story and keep to the traditions of unique landmark regions like Assisi and Umbria.