Tenuta Baron

Tenuta Baron Winery, Veneto, Italy

These wines are born in the Asolo territory, at the heart of Veneto Region, the same that Italian poet Giosuè Carducci (1835 - 1907) called “the town of the hundred horizons”.

The town of Asolo, famous not only for the charm of the places that inspired poets, writers and artists, but also for the Prosecco Asolo Superiore DOCG.

Right on those hills, esteemed producer of high-end furniture and kitchens Nico Baron decided to follow his passion for wines, evoking his rural origins.

Today the Estate of about 10 hectares is managed by Nico's wife Enrica Beatrice with their son Giacomo in collaboration with Andrea Sbrissa. Tenuta Baron is a widely appreciated boutique winery where amazing still and sparkling wines are produced. These bottled gems are known and appreciated in Italy especially in the central-north part of the peninsula, but also widespread in the world, from the United States to (finally) Australia. The growing interest in these wines has pushed Tenuta Baron winery to expand the vine-growing land by a few hectares in recent times.

Giacomo Baron and Andrea Sbrissa popping a bottle of bubbles in the Tenuta Baron vineyards

Interestingly enough, they've acquired five more hectares that are now home to a very unique olive grove used for the production of high-end extra virgin olive oil, 85% derived from the mono cultivar of Leccino and the rest from Frantoio and Asolana, which is sold only in small 250 ml bottles. (Available soon on our website).

The focus of the Estate is however the sparkling wine, of which more than 40 thousand bottles and 3 thousand magnums are produced each year. This is a key product where, thanks also to the expertise of winemaker Francesco Giacomazzi, the Baron family has invested the maximum commitment and imagination.

Camo Wine and Jungle Wine

For example, the Camo Wine is an interweaving of design and oenology, securely held inside a very unconventionally designed bottle, which intertwines the world of wine with that of fashion. It is produced 100% with Glera grapes. (Prosecco)

From this year also another daring wine is available: Jungle Wine, born from the collaboration between Tenuta Baron and Leitmotiv, a high-end fashion and design company based in Bologna. Another Prosecco, slightly drier than Camo.

The 18th century Estate

The wine in aging is kept in the ancient cellar of the eighteenth-century house, built in stone in the early eighteenth century. In the garden and in the vineyard a route has been created for guided tours, in particular for guests staying in luxurious Asolo structures, which allow visitors to witness the seasonal cycle of the vine. Touch with hand branches and bunches.

All of this in a silent and harmonious setting in symbiosis with a panorama that ranges from Monte Grappa to the Venetian Lagoon ...with .... “One hundred horizons” as Italian poet Giosuè Carducci wrote!