Tolardo Severino

The Tolardo family, originally from Lamon (Belluno, Italy), established in Ponte Di Piave (Treviso, Italy) in 1921.

They started off by buying a few small blocks of land, growing crops and grapevines.

The “Azienda Agricola Tolardo Severino” was born later, in 1956, thanks to the strong will and passion of father Severino. Their traditions and hard-earned experience, together with modern oenological techniques, enabled them to offer a range of premium quality wines. 

View of Tolardo Severino Vineyard

The winery is located in Ponte di Piave, only 40km away from Venice’s lagoon and 10 km away from the historical city of Oderzo, which dates back to the ancient Roman Empire. The landscape is sculpted and nourished by the Piave river, which relentlessly flows in the middle of Piave D.O.C. and Prosecco D.O.C. regions, which are two very important Protected Designation of Origin areas. The soil is naturally rich of clay and “caranto”, an extremely nutrient type of Preistocene paleosol, highly suitable for vines growing and wine making.

Severino’s son, Francesco Tolardo, is the chief winemaker currently running the family business with the aid of his own son Michele.

Francesco Tolardo, owner of Tolardo Severino's winery