Vigneti Brichet

It was in 1977 when Beppe, son of Adolfo and Caterina Massasso, had the idea of bringing together the vineyards belonging to both his grandparents, Giovanni and Alessandro, located in an area called ‘Brichet’, the sunniest side of the hill crests in Repergo, Isola d'Asti, a small wine town nestled in the region of Piedmont, North Western Italy.

Beppe Massasso in 1977

 The vineyards of Vigneti Brichet are particularly well situated on a hilltop that benefits of the best exposure to the sun in Repergo di Isola d'Asti.

This unique position gave the name to the family company: the Azienda ‘Vigneti Brichet di Massasso e Figli’, (“Brichet” Vineyards, of Massasso and Sons) which have been cultivating their own vines with care and passion, in order to produce the wonderful wines available today under their brand.

This winery is known for the genuine naturality of their produce: it is very important to mention that at Vigneti Brichet neither chemicals nor any other type of harmful products are used.

Interestingly enough, in 2014 Vigneti Brichet vineyards were recognised by UNESCO as part of the World Heritage Sites.

Every year Vigneti Brichet holds a special feast called “festa della vendemmia”, where people can rediscover old winemaking traditions like barefoot stomping

The Massasso Family has a very unusual approach to business. You will not be able to find their wines in any shop in Italy, neither in any restaurant. They sell their products by word-of-mouth ONLY.

Yes, you’ve read that right! It may sound like a crazy thing to do, but instead it’s actually paying off!

We have been very fortunate to be able to import Vigneti Brichet wines into Australia; even though the company is steadily expanding, their wines are always made in small batches, not industrial scale, therefore there are very limited quantities available at any given time, and the quality, well, the quality is simply outstanding!

The Massasso Family; real wines are made by real people