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Manitoba Oro 0 Flour 1kg (Bread & Pastries)

Manitoba Oro 0 Flour 1kg (Bread & Pastries)

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Experience the best of Naples with Caputo Manitoba Oro 0 flour!

Caputo Manitoba Oro 0 flour is a soft wheat flour, ideal for making bread and baguettes. It is perfect for bakes requiring long rising times.

Manitoba flour is a type “0” and is made from wheat typically grown in North America. It is unique in its ability to thrive in harsh cold climates. Manitoba takes its name from the area of production, a vast province in Canada, which is in turn named after the Indigenous land owners.

This high quality flour is made from the best wheats with high proteinic level. Its gluten quality gives the dough elasticity and extensibility, with excellent results in rising pastry.

Manitoba Oro is classed as a strong flour, measuring at W 370/390. What does flour strength mean? It indicates the strength of the dough and its resistance to leavening. The higher the number after the W, the longer the leavening time.

It is best prepared with a starter yeast and left to rise for long periods, up to 12 hours for a small amount of yeast or 4 to 6 hours for larger additions.

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