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Pre-cooked Cotechino 500g

Pre-cooked Cotechino 500g

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The inimitable fragrance of cotechino sausage, with its decisive and spicy notes, introduces rich flavours and a gratifying consistency.

Organoleptic properties: Cotechino is steamed. It shows a pink red color, a coarse and very fragrant "collagenous" paste. It is consumed hot, and is characterised by the texture of soft and sticky meat and by the perfect balance of spiciness.

How to cook: Heat it in a bain-marie in its aluminium case, open the bag and cut it into thick slices to arrange the serving dish.

Pairings and wines:
Cotechino is served in its classic form with the puree and stewed lentils and - like Zampone - is a typical dish of the first day of the year. Some famous chefs serve it with a non-sweet eggnog, whipping the egg yolks with cognac. According to the tradition of Mantua and Cremona it is served with spicy fruit compotes. An alternative proposal is to prepare it in a crust of bread wrapped in cabbage leaves previously blanched and baked. It is also tasty in the grilled version where the characteristic flavour of the coals is added.

The sharp, slightly piquant flavour requires a wine with good acidity, sharp, a bit rough, austere, gruff, full-bodied, for this reason Refosco and Nebbiolo are both perfect. The softness, the sumptuousness and the good flavour of the cotechino will be perfectly balanced by the character of these two wonderful wines.

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